How do I navigate the metaverse stand?

Click and drag to look where you want to go.

Click on any point of the stand to move on.

You can also access the different areas of the stand from the menu, by clicking on “Places”.

Content does not load.

Try one of the following solutions:

- Use the latest version of one of the recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

- If you're using your data, try connecting to a WiFi signal.

- If the Wi-Fi signal is unstable, try connecting via ethernet.

- Check your Firewall or antivirus is not blocking the connection.

I have problems with the video call

-If the camera or microphone does not work - A message will appear at the top of your browser to activate the camera and microphone.

-I don't have a response from the Guru - Keep waiting and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can continue exploring our metaverse stand.

How can I follow the Agora talks?

-You can follow Live Talks - Click on Places > Agora > to watch Live talks. You can also move through the stand and go to the Agora area.

-You can see talks on demand - Click on Places > Agora > “Watch talks on demand”.

-You can check the Agora schedule- You can see the complete agenda by clicking on Places > Agora

I want to know more about a demo.

You can access Places > Demos and pick the one of your interest to discover its contents.

You will find videos, quizzes and our handbooks full of information.

You can also request a guided tour from this chat or complete a form to request more information.